Kawader Public Sector Advisory

Kawader’s Government division is exclusively dedicated to serving the interests of UAE nationals and is fully committed to Emiratization. The recent legislation on Emiratization has resulted in a growing demand for Emirati nationals across various industries and career levels. And in line with the UAE’s aspiration to maintain its prestigious status, federal government employers are actively seeking qualified national competences

Benefits With Our Service

The Kawader Government division envisions empowering Emiratis by creating boundless job opportunities throughout the UAE. Therefore, as a premier recruiting agency, we are at the forefront of providing exceptional recruitment services to the UAE. Our primary objective is to connect potential employers who prioritize the recruitment of Emirati nationals to fulfil their strategic objectives and comply with statutory obligations, while ensuring the utmost safety and security for both employers and candidates.


  • Trust, confidentiality and dependability are our key values
  • Outstanding, qualified and trained Recruitment Consultants committed to delivering the best.
  • Our rich experience in hiring UAE Nationals over the years.
  • ERP Enabled database, especially we have a strong database on UAE Nationals.
  • Tie-ups and MoUs with universities and other training agencies of government and private.
  • We offer a unique add-on service*, free of cost by deploying one of our consultants at clients site for coordination and employee engagement.
  • And finally our success stories with the other clients


  • Consultative approach with clients
  • Trustworthy and dependable association with candidates
  • Consistency in robust selection process
  • Experience in working across the platform and industry verticals.
  • Recruitment at all levels in a client organization


Reservoir & petroleum.
Subsea engineering, design, installation, maintenance professionals.
Upstream drilling, wells and completion professionals.
Pipeline engineers.
Process, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering.
Maintenance & integrity professionals.
Offshore installation professionals.
HSE professionals

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