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We are proud to have served the majority of the government entities in Abu Dhabi, particularly in outsourcing UAE national employees. Our commitment to Emiratization has helped us become a leader in the recruitment of UAE nationals, which has helped our clients achieve their strategic goals.


Kawader has accumulated a wealth of experience spanning two decades, focusing on delivering top-notch recruitment services.

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How Kawader Help Your Business Grow & Successful


Our approach involves working closely with our clients as strategic partners, rather than just service providers.


Our trustworthy and dependable association helps us to attract and retain talent, and build a reputation in the industry


We follow a comprehensive and structured process to ensure that we identify and select the most suitable candidates for our clients


Experience in permanent recruitment, temporary staffing, search and headhunting, localization, and overseas recruitment

Valued Clients

Core Business​

Emiratization has been our core business for a long time. We have meticulously built a robust database and an extensive network that allows us to connect with and hire top Emirati talents. Our success is evident through the deployment of Emiratis on our payroll across numerous government entities in the UAE . By leveraging our strong database and network, we continue to play an inimitable role in bolstering the Emiratization efforts, contributing to the growth and development of the UAE’s workforce

  • Emirati Outsourcing
  • Emirati Entry Level Hiring
  • Emirati Headhunting/Executive Search
  • Emirati Permanent Hiring

Value Proposition to Employers​​

We offer an entire range of services to meet your company’s workforce management needs across various divisions and departments. From office positions to top management hiring, we provide tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements. We aim to help corporations and businesses enhance their competitive edge in the ever-changing world of business.

With our diverse portfolio of services, we effectively address your staffing needs at every level of your organization. We understand the significance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment. That’s why Kawader goes beyond traditional staffing services, offering valuable insights and guidance to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition and management. Partnering with us helps you in attracting top-tier talent, which allows effective optimization of your workforce, and achieving sustainable success in today’s dynamic business landscape


Our business solutions are designed to optimize organizations’ hiring costs, exemplified by our add-on service and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model. We deliver cost- cutting advantages by providing recruitment services that cater to our clients’ specific requirements and convenience, offering economies of scale in the hiring process


The recruitment process is known for its demanding nature, requiring significant time and labor investment. At Kawader, we are committed to ongoing process improvement, constantly striving for excellence. We adhere to a rigorous candidate validation and assessment procedure to uphold the highest standards of service quality (QoS).

  1. Kawader Candidate Acquisition Model (KCAM)
  2. Kawader Office Language Test (KOLT)


At Kawader, we prioritize our commitments based on internal delivery timelines, known as the Turnaround Time (TAT), to meet and exceed client expectations. Our wide range of solutions empowers organizations to select the most suitable options available, effectively streamlining the recruitment process without compromising on quality. We offer customized services tailored to the specific demands, size, and nature of each business, ensuring a personalized approach to meet their unique requirements

Sourcing Process

At Kawader, we understand the crucial role that an effective sourcing process plays in acquiring top talent for your organization. Our meticulously designed process ensures that we attract, screen, assess, and engage the most qualified candidates, tailored to your specific requirements. From candidate attraction to post-interview communications, each step is strategically crafted to deliver exceptional results

Candidate Attraction: We employ various channels, including our internal database, internet portals, local press, networking, and headhunting, to attract a diverse pool of candidates.

Initial Screening and Assessment: Our experienced consultants screen candidates, assessing their suitability and gathering essential details to ensure only the most qualified candidates progress.

Resume Validation, Formatting, and Delivery: We validate and format resumes, conduct assessments if necessary, and present well-curated candidate profiles that meet your expectations.

Feedback and Follow-ups: We prioritize effective communication, gathering feedback from you and providing constructive feedback to candidates. We arrange interviews and meetings, ensuring a seamless process.

Post Interview/Post Feedback Communications: We facilitate prompt communication, conveying interview outcomes and guiding candidates on further steps for a smooth hiring journey.

Trust Kawader for exceptional HR consultancy services, where our sourcing process goes beyond recruitment to build lasting connections between exceptional candidates and organizations

Sourcing Strategy

At Kawader, our robust sourcing strategy combines the strength of the central Pooled Database with strategic channels to identify and acquire top talent for your organization. The Pooled Database serves as our foundation, housing an extensive pool of potential candidates, as it provides us with access to a diverse talent network that is tailored to our client specific needs and requirements.

We leverage job portals to proactively engage with candidates actively seeking new opportunities. Our dedicated team meticulously screens and evaluates these candidates, ensuring they are a strong match for your organization.

Recognizing the enduring power of traditional media, we strategically utilize newspapers and advertisements to reach a broader audience. These platforms attract candidates who may not be actively engaged online, expanding the talent pool.

Our expertise in headhunting enables us to identify exceptional professionals who may not be actively searching for new roles. Through targeted research, industry insights, and a vast network, we approach and entice these talented individuals with exciting career prospects.


We forge partnerships with universities, educational institutes, and government bodies to tap into fresh talent. Through career fairs, campus placements, and collaborations, we identify emerging talent and help shape their career paths.

By actively engaging in tie-ups and collaborations with industry associations, professional networks, and business organizations, we access a vast pool of skilled professionals seeking new opportunities.

Through engagement with industry groups, online communities, and professional networks, we harness the power of networks and networking sites. This allows us to identify and connect with talented individuals possessing the skills and experience you require.

Our proprietary ERP database system, Kawader ERP, efficiently manages and accesses candidate information. This comprehensive platform facilitates seamless tracking and ensures timely and accurate placements.

At Kawader, our dynamic and agile sourcing strategy continuously adapts to the evolving talent landscape. By leveraging the Pooled Database and strategic channels, we unlock the full potential of talent acquisition, delivering exceptional results for your organization

Delivery Model

At Kawader, we employ a highly effective delivery model to ensure seamless and efficient talent acquisition for our clients. Our model revolves around the central pillar of the Kawader Pooled database, supported by international portals, referrals, and headhunting. From this central database, our dedicated team of consultants takes charge, ensuring a personalized and tailored approach for each client

We actively engage with the candidates in the database, evaluating their skills and suitability for specific roles. They thoroughly assess candidates based on the client’s requirements, ensuring a comprehensive screening process

The Account Manager plays a crucial role in our delivery model, acting as a bridge between our clients and our team. The Account Manager closely collaborates with clients, understanding their needs and effectively communicating them to the consultants. This ensures that the candidates presented to clients align with their expectations and organizational goals


Throughout the process, we maintain transparent communication channels, keeping our clients updated on the progress and addressing any queries or concerns promptly

We value feedback from our clients, as it enables us to continuously improve and refine our approach. This helps us to make effective adjustments and ensure a better alignment of candidate profiles in the future. At Kawader, our delivery model maximizes efficiency, engagement, and client satisfaction.

Our Key Strengths

We adopt an advisory methodology, engaging closely with clients to truly understand their needs and provide personalized recruitment solutions.

Building strong relationships with candidates is a cornerstone of our approach. We prioritize trust, reliability, and confidentiality throughout the recruitment journey.

Our commitment to maintaining a rigorous and thorough selection process ensures that only the most qualified and suitable candidates are presented to our clients.

With extensive experience across diverse platforms and industry sectors, we possess a broad knowledge base and insights that allow us to successfully recruit across various domains.

Whether it’s entry-level positions or top-level executives, we have the expertise and resources to efficiently recruit talent at every level within our clients’ organizations.

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